SpotOn! Color Management

Color shifts whenever print conditions change, and keeping color consistent over time can seem illusive.

21st century pros know SpotOn! process control software is the key to printing the same amazing color every day. What are you waiting for? Unbelievably consistent. SpotOn! color.

The Products


  • Pass / Fail metrics anyone can understand
  • Visual Match Scorecard sees color like we see color
  • Performance: track it, trend it, improve it

Verify gives you a foundation of control every day for all of your devices. Color evaluation has never been easier.

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  • A must have for G7 calibration and compliance
  • Objective data to dig in and address issues for any printing process
  • Decrease make-ready time, increase profit

G7 experts and in-house color gurus agree: When you want to know every detail of a device’s performance, you need Analyze.

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  • Award winning software for the Flexo pressroom
  • Quickly match spot colors, get the lowest ΔE
  • Get lean, reduce make-ready, and troubleshoot faster

Flexo makes it easy to optimize color reproduction and reduce down time. It is the key to a more consistent, efficient, and profitable business.

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