Image of SpotOn! Dashboard

New Users And Frequent Users Alike Benefit From SpotOn! Demos

SpotOn! Analyze and Verify as a software package has a lot to offer. In fact, there are so many invaluable features and charts that it can seem overwhelming. And as we discovered in our previous post, some of our frequent users aren’t necessarily aware of some of the features within the software.

Look At All The Data!

When you look at the SpotOn! dashboard after measurement for verification, it may appear like there is too much data to absorb all at once. We believe that it is good to include as much data as possible in our software solutions (and we are always trying to improve upon it) because our current users and prospective users all have different color management strategies and workflows.

Image of SpotOn! Dashboard

Indeed, no one will probably use every single data chart and feature available in Analyze and Verify. Every client of ours has to decide what data is pertinent to their own facility’s workflow.

Personal Demos Available Upon Request

Often, we find ourselves chatting with current clients for other reasons and we ask them to describe their workflow to us. We can almost always recommend a certain data chart or feature that they can use to assist them in their color management strategy.

But until they reach out to us and talk to us about their workflow, we can’t make such recommendations. That’s why we want to put out the word that we are happy to schedule a personal online demo via Zoom where we can discuss your individual and your facility’s needs. We try to keep the demos to an hour or less, but we also want to make sure we answer all your questions.

What do the demos look like? Well, we are glad that you asked! Last month, we had a demo for a current user and a potential new user. We recorded it and below is a sample of some of the features we discussed.

If you would like to schedule a personal demo of SpotOn!, please contact us and we will be happy to pencil you in! Enjoy the video.