SpotOn! Verify Delivers New Visual Match Scorecard

CHICAGO AND PORTLAND, ORE. – Sept. 8, 2013 – SpotOn!, a leading developer of software for the printing and publishing industry, today announced the release of SpotOn! Verify 2.5, a quality control tool used in the printing and publishing industry to improve printing consistency, increase customer satisfaction, and differentiate their production quality from others in their markets.

The key new feature of Verify 2.5 is the Visual Match Scorecard, which applies statistical probability to define an unambiguous score for comparing print-to-standard or print-to-print based on a visual match instead of pass/fail metrics and tolerances. The score is divided into four visual zones: no visual difference (90%-100%); good visual match (80%-90%); fair visual match (70%-80%); and poor visual match (below 70%).

Another new feature of Verify 2.5 is the enhanced user interface (UI) that offers even more flexibility to the user by providing a significant shift in the UI from a previously more job-centric UI. The new interface broadens the appeal to users who want to record job-based production information as well as users who want to record device-based variation information. The revised UI is measurement-centric, so users can choose if they want to filter data by job, by device, or both.

“SpotOn! Verify 2.5 delivers a revolutionary scorecard system that helps users develop a better visual match to all their printing projects. Instead of using a pass/fail metric that could generate a substantial difference in color matches for passable projects, this new four-zone scorecard will provide users with the ability to gauge variances and make color match easier and more reliable,” said Bruce Bayne, SpotOn! President and Founder. “Verify 2.5 also changes the way users interface with the SpotOn! database by allowing them a more versatile method to access their production facility’s SpotOn! database via a server, enabling multiple users to record and access control strip measurements to ensure company-wide consistency.”

Designed as a reliable server-resident application accessible from a local or wide area network, SpotOn! Verify 2.5 makes it easy for multiple users to log into the database virtually from anywhere, including their company’s intranet, without the need for having the software be web-browser based or in the cloud. It can be used as a stand-alone software application or it can be expanded in larger organizations if multiple copies are purchased and used with the shared database by the server module. SpotOn! Verify stores measurements in a database that can be filtered and searched, so recorded data can be recalled at a later date.

SpotOn! Verify can be used to evaluate any printing process where a control strip can be printed and measured, quickly identifying if a printing device is in or out of tolerance. The software also dramatically reduces challenges in matching previously printed jobs when doing reprints. With SpotOn! Verify the user knows if their printing devices are printing consistently. It can also be used to track media consistency, and track print consistency on multiple medias.

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