A SpotOn! User Learns New Features For Workflow

Last month, we published an interview with one of our clients who we referred to as “Jane.” She shared how she used SpotOn! in her color management workflow and what she considered essential features. You can read that blog post by clicking here.

We discovered during our interview that while Jane is a frequent SpotOn! user, we had the opportunity to help her with her workflow. There were some features in SpotOn! that she either wasn’t aware of or wasn’t using to her benefit.

For example, we realized Jane was exporting her results into an Excel spreadsheet so that she could share the data with multiple facilities in her company.

Image of Excel Chart Data

We were able to show her through a Zoom meeting (Zoom really is popular right now, isn’t it?) that SpotOn! has a reporting module where you can view a Verify Device Report. It’s easier to read visually and using this feature would save Jane some steps in her color management workflow.

Image of Verify Device Report Multiple Devices-1


In addition, we told Jane the store of Bonnie and Clyde, two identical inkjet printers that were originally calibrated to match the GRACoL® specification. Over time, both printers drifted away from the GRACoL target and then later the two printers were no longer printing the same as each other. The same file printed on both printers turned out very differently and it was quite noticeable.

However both printers were still technically passing the GRACoL specification so how could they be printing so differently?

We showed Jane our bullseye visual. The printers did drift, and they drifted in different directions. So while they both were within tolerance of the GRACol specification, they were far apart from each other visually.

Image of GRACoL Bull's Eye

 Above: Both printers compared to GRACoL.

Image of GRACoL Bull's Eye

Above: Printer 2 compared to Printer 1.

SpotOn! has many features in both Analyze and Verify. And as we have seen, even our most robust users aren’t necessarily aware of all of those features or how they can be of use in your color management strategy.

If you are a SpotOn! user who would like to learn more about the program’s features or if you are considering incorporating SpotOn! into your workflow, contact me to schedule a demonstration.

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