Printer Mapping Study

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How Does Your Printer Behave?

We are still taking applications for our printer mapping study.

If you fit the criteria and want to participate, please fill out the form below.

SpotOn! has been hard at work using our Verify product to map the performance of a variety of printing devices, media, and inks. These evaluations are allowing print shops to visualize printer behavior and understand where they may be able to optimize for higher efficiency. Our reports even identify behavior patterns and problematic devices. Once these shops know their devices’ behavior, they can successfully implement processes to keep them in tolerance for every job, as well as over time.

In a sea of customers who demand quick turns and accurate color, successful shops know their devices, love their devices, and can anticipate their next move. Regardless of print technology, volume, or specialty, shops that understand their equipment will rise above the competition. These shops choose SpotOn!

Criteria for the Study

  1. Have multiple machines
  2. Have an established color management protocol or be seeking to implement one
  3. Have a main point of contact we can communicate with
  4. Produce color critical jobs