Maximum Efficiency

Package printing is highly competitive, and there is just no time for down time. Flexo helps you quickly and easily optimize density on any spot or process color, and the robust data and easy-to-use dashboard makes solving color issues extremely efficient. Stop losing time and media during change overs and when resolving issues. Make color matching quick and easy. Flexo is an award winning software tailored specifically to spot color printing. Try it and you’ll see why. Get SpotOn!

Using Flexo

Leading Flexo printers use process control tools to eliminate the surprises that cause rejects and rerun jobs. Our award-winning software helps you optimize any spot or process color and troubleshoot issues faster.

That means less downtime and more accurate, consistent, and profitable printing. In this fast paced and highly competitive industry, Flexo is your key to success.

1 Print and measure any control strip or color patches

Using Flexo

2 Evaluate optimized density info


3 Adjust density to achieve optimal color match


4 Address issues before they create downtime – increase profitability



Flexo is leading-edge technology that makes it possible to get optimum color reproduction and density information for any spot color, right at your fingertips.

  • Easy to Use
    • Simple graphics and colors let you know if you are in or out of tolerance. Optimized density info helps you decrease make-ready time.
  • Client/Server Architecture
    • Set up your system to be accessible from anywhere. Use common color database, track jobs, and maximize efficiency no matter where you are.
  • Designed for the Flexo Pressroom
    • Not all software is created equal. SpotOn! Flexo is designed specifically for the needs of the Flexo industry and helps operators and management achieve peak performance.
  • Density Optimization for Spot or Process Colors
    • Eliminate the guessing game of color matching! SpotOn! Flexo will let you know if the inks on press will print in tolerance or if they need reformulation.
  • Standard and Custom Tolerance Sets
    • Use industry, in-house, or customer specified delta E tolerance sets to evaluate your performance. It’s easy, powerful, and effective.
  • Custom Spot Color Reference Libraries
    • Build your own color libraries, match color more efficiently, and track colors from job to job. Colors are printed accurately the first time, and repeat jobs are executed with the same precision.
  • Tracking and Trending Reports
    • Track your press run and check issues before they start. Anticipate anilox roller issues, doctor blade wear, and plate wear. Reduce down time, increase efficiency, print more profitably.

User Quote

“SpotOn! Flexo is an exciting display piece to have press-side. We’ve had customers press-side for press checks who have been impressed with the use of the software while their jobs were being set up. We saw close to a 50 percent reduction in what I would call ‘ink-toning time’ during the initial 30-day trial of SpotOn! Flexo mainly due to the usefulness of the software in preventing the press operator from making incorrect adjustments.”
– Ryan, PolyFirst Packaging

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Awards and Certifications

Flexographic AwardSpotOn! Flexo is specifically designed for the flexo industry. It targets inefficiencies found in the flexo printing process and allows companies to decrease their down time while increasing profitability.

  • Esko Full HD Certified
  • Winner 2014 FTA Technical Innovation Award

Flexo Pricing

Flexo Base


Flexo Base comes with:

  • One Flexo Client
  • SpotOn! Server
  • One free year of our SSMA *$575 value

Additional Flexo Client


Flexo Clients comes with:

  • One Flexo Client
  • One free year of our SSMA *$575 value

SpotOn! Server


SpotOn! Server:

  • Comes free with Flexo Base!
  • Data can be stored at a central location to manage measurements from multiple Flexo clients